Letterbox Gifts: A Smart, Simple and Affective Way to Show You Care!

Welcome to HamperWell, where indulgence meets convenience, and sweetness arrives right at your doorstep. In the realm of delightful surprises, our chocolate and sweet Letterbox Gift Hampers take centre stage. Imagine the joy of receiving a carefully curated box filled with an assortment of premium chocolates, delectable sweets, and irresistible treats, all neatly packaged to fit through your letterbox. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, expressing gratitude, or simply craving a sweet escape, our thoughtfully crafted hampers bring a symphony of flavours to elevate your moments. Unwrap the magic and explore the decadent world of our letterbox gift hampers, where every bite is a journey into blissful indulgence.

There's something enchanting about the element of surprise, and letterbox gifts masterfully preserve that magic. Your loved one opens the door to find a beautifully packaged gift waiting for them. Our unique Letterbox gifts are the epitome of surprise. The discreet nature of these perfectly-sized gifts allows you to catch your loved ones off guard, making the unboxing experience even more magical.

Mix & Match Letterbox Gift Hampers:

Our Matching Letterboxes are taken from the standard sized letterbox gifts from both our Chocolate Letterbox and Sweets Letterbox Ranges. Your choice of two letterboxes will be attached together and presented with a designer luxury wrap. Double the contents, but still letterbox friendly! This double sized letterbox hamper really does show how much you care!

Despite their compact size, letterbox gifts are big on personalization. Especially when it comes to our Mix and Match range. From your favourite chocolate bars to chewy and fizzy sweets, these gifts showcase careful thought and consideration. It's a way to say, "I'm thinking of you," without the need for grand gestures.

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Our Unique Chocolate Letterbox Gift Hampers:

From Cadbury to Kinder, from Mars to Galaxy, Hamperwell offer the biggest variety of chocolate combinations, all grouped together to create a unique and exclusive gifting experience! Examples of our selections include, our Dairy Milk selection, including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wholenut, Fruit and Nut and Caramel. We also have a Men's Chocolate selection, including Twix, Lion, and Snickers, as well as so many other combinations to choose from! Send a Chocolate Letterbox Gift Hamper to show someone you are thinking of them. We're sure you'll leave them feeling delighted, and of course, with a full tummy!

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Our Sweet Letterbox Gift Hampers:

From Fizzy Gummy Bears to Jelly Sharks, Liquorice belts to Flying Saucers, our collection of Sweet Letterbox Gift Hampers are sure to send your tastebuds to paradise! Our large variety of sweet Letterboxes include, our Ultimate Pick n Mix selection, including Fizzy Bottles, Red and Blue Paintballs and Fried Eggs. We have a CandyChoc selection, including White Mice, Milk and White chocolate Jazzles and Porky Pigs. We also offer Sweet Letterbox Gift Hamper selections that cater to your dietary requirements, such as our exclusive Vegan or Halal selections! We have something for everyone here at Hamperwell!

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How We Deliver: 

As well as the attractiveness and versatility of these gifts, there is the additional benefit of no more missed deliveries! Whether your loved one is at home, work, or out and about, letterbox gifts are designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Letterbox gifts sidestep the inconvenience of organising delivery times and schedules or having to pick up packages from post offices. The seamless delivery process ensures that your thoughtful gift reaches its destination without a hitch. The flexibility of delivery means that your gesture of kindness doesn't rely on the recipient's availability, making it a truly versatile and convenient option.

Next Day Delivery:

Need a last minute gift? We’ve got you covered as we offer UK Next Day Delivery Mon-Fri before 2pm. Have you got a busy schedule or struggle to order gifts in time for a special occasion? Hamperwell have you covered.

Other delivery options:

Select a Future Date Delivery - We provide a free future dated delivery service for most UK postcodes. To use it, simply place your order using "Select A Future Delivery Date" options at checkout. Email support@hamperwell.com with your desired delivery date after ordering.
Special Delivery - Guaranteed next day delivery Service before 1pm.


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Your Privacy is our Priority 

Your trust is paramount to us. By keeping your billing information separate from your Gift Hamper, we aim to uphold the privacy of your personal details. Feel confident that your gift-giving experience is designed with your security in mind.

We believe in keeping the magic of the surprise intact, without any unwanted paperwork.

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 Letterbox gifts redefine the art of gifting by combining convenience with heartfelt surprises. Their ability to fit seamlessly through the letterbox ensures that your thoughtful gesture is not only received with joy but is also an effortless experience for both sender and recipient. So, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a spontaneous expression of love, let the charm of letterbox gifts add a touch of magic to your next gifting adventure.

Why Choose HamperWell?

All our Letterbox Gift Hampers are made with love by our highly experienced team. Hate wrapping? Don’t worry, because we pre-assemble and pack all our gifts into a luxury postal box, perfect to send straight to their door. We do not skewer or hot glue any product onto our bouquets so chocolate remains intact in its original wrappers. However you can rest assured that your gift will arrive in perfect condition, thanks to our unique adhesive techniques. UK Next Day Delivery and UK selected date delivery are available, perfect for those last-minute gift ideas.  

Our Letterbox Gift Hamper selection is perfect for everyone! Whether you’re looking for your family, partner, spouse, or maybe even your best friend, we’ve got you covered. We hope we’ve provided you with a variety of gift ideas to spoil the ones you love at Hamperwell. Visit our full range Here.