BRAND NEW for 2022! Subscribe and save to your favourite Treat Me Boxes, Chocolate Bouquets & Hat Box Gifts. It's easy to setup and manage, and you'll enjoy repeat deliveries hassle-free!

Why Join?

If you need to satisfy your chocolate or sweets craving on a regular basis, without the hassle of ordering or going into store, we highly recommend that you subscribe and save to our Treat Me Boxes, Chocolate Bouquets & Hat Boxes.

Subscribe & Save

Save up to 20% when you subscribe to any of our products. You can choose a number of delivery frequencies to suit you.

Hassle-Free Indulgence

Perfect for those who love to treat themselves, or treat someone special. It's easy to setup and manage.

Enjoy Repeat Deliveries

Sit back and relax! We'll lovingly prepare your treats so they're ready for you to enjoy. Rest assured, your sweet craving will be taken care of.

How it Works

1. Choose Your Item(s)

Select your favourite Treat Me Box, Chocolate Bouquet or Hat Box and receive them as often as you like.

2. Select Your Frequency

Choose from Fortnightly, Monthly, Every 2 Months or Every 3 Months.

3. Manage Your Subscription

Cancel anytime, skip a gift box or swap your products via your online dashboard. You're in total control!

Discover our Subscription Range

Can't get enough of one particular treat? Why not subscribe and save with our entire range of Treat Me Boxes, Chocolate Bouquets & Hat Boxes. Pick and your favourite and enjoy repeat deliveries, hassle-free!

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We're Happy to Help!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to quickly understand how our subscriptions work. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Every subscription order will be sent via Royal Mail Tracked Service (1-2 days). You will be charged £2.99 for each delivery that you receive.

Simply login to your online account, and click "My Subscriptions". Here you can manage your subscription, including: Payment information, address and shipping information, products in your subscription, manage upcoming orders, order history and cancel subscription.

In order to view your subscription dashboard, you must create an account on our website. From there, you will need to navigate to “My Subscriptions” to view your current setup and details.

Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll to “Order Frequency” click “Change Frequency” and select your desired option.

Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll the “Payment Information” tab. Here, you can change your payment information. You will be sent an email with a secure link to change your payment information.

Moving address, or fancy treating someone on your next shipment? Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll to “Address and shipping information”. Here you can update your shipping address easily.

Fancy a change from your current item? No problem. Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll to “Products in my subscription”. Here you can swap your item to another one. Please note, these changes will affect all future orders. If the price is different from your current subscription, you will be charged accordingly on your next order.

Need to take a little break? Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, and click “Edit future order”. Here you can pause future orders by selecting the option and saving your changes.

Want to take a little break? Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll to “Manage upcoming orders”. Here you can skip the shipment on any upcoming order.

If you no longer require a subscription, you can easily cancel. Navigate to “My Subscriptions”, click “Show details” and scroll to “Cancel subscription”.

Coming Soon... The Ultimate Treat Me Box Subscription

Love to try something new, and explore new flavours? The Ultimate Treat Me Box Subscription is the one for you!

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Example product

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Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a subscription you'll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the subscription duration and frequency that you select.

Your payment details will be stored securely and you'll be charged for each of these deliveries, unless you choose to pay in advance.

Some subscriptions may auto-renew at the end of their duration. If you don’t want to renew a subscription you can cancel it.

If you want to cancel or change your subscription, you can do it at any time. Your order confirmation emails have links to your order. You can manage your subscription from there.

See our returns policy for more details on returns and refunds.